How Prepared Is Your Practice For A Disaster?

Disasters come in many forms, from natural disasters, human error and malicious actors trying to extort you. There is never a Good time for these events to happen

The important thing is to be prepared so critical data can be recovered and you can become operational as soon as possible. A disaster recovery plan is not optional for anyone today.

Our business continuity platform delivers continuous local and cloud connected backups for your critical servers and applications. We provide the management and planning that enable your business to quickly recover failed systems to a virtual standby instance, cloud instance or new hardware.

Service Includes:

  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Onsite and Hybrid Deployment
  • Data Encryption
  • Testing and Validation
  • PHIPA Compliance
  • Backup Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Fast Recovery

Think Your Current Backup Is Safe?

Backup software technology companies have developed excellent products, but unfortunately the Hackers are also very good at what they do.

Without a Zero Trust apptoach, there is no sure way of protecting your backups. Denying malicious software the ability to run and restricting access to your backup files is the only way to ensure they are not compromised

Even if you are compromised by an attack, we protect your data backup as a last line of defense against any attempt to change, delete or in any way tamper with your files and we test it monthly to ensure it works correctly.

Backups should not be viewed as a part of your security defenses. Backups are the first thing hackers try to compromise as it makes their ransom demand immediately viable.

We make sure the only time you will need a backup is if your servers or backup appliance hardware fails or some other form of disaster occurs. 

Backup and recovery for dental and medical professionals

Data Recovery

What makes a true disaster recovery solution is the ability to restore full systems quickly, in a matter of hours or even minutes, on available computing resources which may be local, but may also be remote.

Today most practices are using some form of data backup with the fastest growing being cloud based. Restoring from the cloud takes a long time, maybe as many as 3 days as you are limited by the speed of your ISP.

Our cost-effective Backup and Recovery offers a comprehensive solution that assures the availability, security and recoverability of your infrastructure and minimizes your downtime.

You don’t need to worry about accidents and disasters you can’t control – with a reliable partner and a comprehensive recovery plan

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