How Can S7 Systems Help Me Address My Healthcare IT Concerns?

Healthcare practices are a prime target for cybercriminals who take advantage of vulnerabilities in IT systems to exploit patient data and sensitive information

Continuous monitoring and maintenance is an essential component in ensuring the IT systems and data of Medical systems remain protected and PHIPA compliant. Tools must be properly integrated and regularly checked, and staff communications tools must be up to date and fully functional

What Does S7 Systems Offer Medical and Healthcare Organizations?

  • Expertise with Practice Management Software, PACS and Radiology Information Systems, Billing and communications systems
  • PHIPA compliance expertise
  • Established relationships with quality vendors of both software and hardware solutions
  • Familiarity with Medical technology trends and advances
  • We communicate in simple English, not Tech-speak
Medical Technology

Time to Prescribe more Determinant IT Support?

Doctors, Therapists, Imaging Specialists, Chiropractors, and Optometrists all have unique services to take care of the needs of their patients. Anything that takes away from a great patient experience is simply too rich a price for any healthcare professional to pay.

For this reason, most medical firms opt to outsource their IT support. This works best when you partner with a specialist who is responsible to manage your needs and getting the daily tasks off your plate.

 With many patients making use of technology-based services such as waiting room Wi-Fi and online scheduling, it’s clear that it’s not only the Medical Professional and admin staff who rely on IT to simplify and enhance office visits.

S7 Systems has the necessary expertise to help medical professionals take advantage of the latest technology innovations available for the industry while still maintaining the best security measures and PHIPA compliance.

PHIPA compliance regulations are no laughing matter. That’s why today’s healthcare organizations can’t afford to overlook this Legislative requirement.

S7 Systems will take responsibility to complete a comprehensive PHIPA assessment and we will ensure it is kept up to date with bi-annual audits. If anything changes in the legislation we will update your systems compliance immediately and provide updated documentation and training as required.

What benefits Can My Practice Gain from a Partnership with S7 Systems?

  • Proactive IT Maintenance and Support
  • Support and troubleshooting for Medical Practice Management software and other tools
  • A complete Zero Trust IT Security offering – Firewall, Threat Hunting, Encryption, Identity and Access, Application Control, Back Up & Disaster Recovery, Proper Use, Physical Security
  • Executive level IT advice
  • Real Time IT Answers to your Questions
  • Data Encryption Services
  • Network Infrastructure Support
  • Secure Email and Messaging
  • Predictable IT Support Costs Tailored to Fit Your Budget
  • Vendor Management Services

Expert Computer Systems Support For Physio Therapists, Chiropractors, Optometrists, Surgeons and General Practitioner

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