IT Infrastructure Services

Today’s network is not simply a set of switches and routers, it is an intelligent platform that supports data, voice and video applications critical to your practice. An intelligent network provides secure and reliable connectivity between employees, patients and information

S7 Systems is your ideal partner to leverage the latest technologies that enable you to create, build, and manage a secure and reliable network

Our IT infrastructure outsourcing services enable you to adopt new technologies as they develop and future proof your environment

Physical IT Assets

  • Server and workstation install, maintenance and repair
  • Switches
  • WiFi setup
  • Data center racks
  • Power management
  • Structured cabling
  • Monitoring

With IT infrastructure, regular upgrades are critical for keeping your practice productive and your data secure. There are many tell-tale signs that you might need IT infrastructure solutions to help improve your networks and IT environment

  • Your network has become slower than usual and your employees are spending more time completing visits
  • You’re spending too much money each month to keep your network afloat

Properly designed and implemented, your network combines your servers, workstations, storage, networking, virtualizaton and management into a single platform to provide secure, reliable and flexible IT services

We monitor and manage this for you , recommending upgrades when appropriate that will save you money and make your operation run efficiently 

Security Assets

  • Firewall install, maintenance and updates
  • CCTV install
  • Monitoring

Unified Threat Management appliances (Next Generation Firewalls) are a necessary security feature for any practice

More than a router/firewall they are connected to live threat intelligence and are updated daily. To work properly they require configuration and maintenance such as patches and firmware updates

They provide the best perimeter protection and have many advanced features for protecting your environment

We also monitor and manage this for you ensuring you are always up to date  

Project Management

  • Office design & moves
  • Scanners, X-ray, imaging, productivity software install and maintenance
  • Cloud migrations
  • Audio Visual
  • Hardware and Software procurement
  • ISP Management

Any technical project requires careful planning in order for it to be completed with accuracy and success

When projects arise, we are ready to handle your needs. Whether it is installing new equipment, configuring your network or migrating your practice management software to the cloud, we have the processes and experience to deliver these services on time and on budget

S7 Systems IT infrastructure consulting will make recommendations to  improve the performance, effectiveness, and consistency of your IT operations

As your needs change we help you navigate the landscape from applications to new technologies that further enhance your patient experience, and much more

Internet of Things

  • Sensors and edge devices
  • Connectivity solutions for industrial control systems
  • Data aggregation and tunneling

Healthcare, Utilities and Manufacturers are powering a new world of connected devices and services that are transforming business operations and creating amazing new capabilities. With this transformation comes many obstacles.

Collecting data from edge devices and systems that use disparate protocols and operating systems is a challenge. We offer solutions to make this a reality and it is powering new advancements that make connected “Things” work

We provide the additional layer of security that is required to manage edge devices that make these types of deployments high risk from attacks

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